Guerilla marketing has become popular in the past few years; it has become a popular marketing strategy for startups and brands looking to change their image. In principle, Guerilla marketing sounds cool, however, it has to be done effectively for it to prove beneficial for a business.  Guerilla marketing is all about investing time and money into an ongoing inbound marketing strategy.

Rather than injecting money into a traditional advertising campaign, guerilla marketers typically pool their resources to pull a publicity stunt that can increase a brand’s visibility and reputation. Guerilla marketing requires an extraordinary amount of creativity and energy as the focus is primarily to attract the audience’s attention on an unforgettable and personal level. The purpose of any guerrilla marketing is to create social buzz by taking people by surprise. Here are the 5 benefits of Gorilla marketing:

1. Perfect for a low budget

The purpose of guerilla marketing is the use of unconventional methods of promoting a brand or business with the aim of engaging customers in new and captivating ways. Many guerilla campaigns are interactive and can take place in unexpected locations and unexpected times, which supplies a cost effective way of creating brand awareness.

2. They go viral

This world is shaped by technology and viral content. Most consumers and brand followers document their experiences online, which is why brands are tapping into guerilla marketing effectively. Fascinating campaigns have a high likelihood of going viral because of millions of views.

3. Are perfect for building partnerships

Guerilla marketing relies on day to day real life situations for maximum effectiveness. As such, guerilla marketers often collaborate with local businesses, charities and organizations to produce a campaign and to create buzz and reach. Guerilla marketers commonly collaborate with universities and hotel chains as a way of targeting the ideal audience more easily.

4. Guerilla campaigns are memorable

A successful guerilla marketing strategy can draw out powerful emotions from consumers and potential customers by tapping into different experimental advertising techniques that create an unforgettable experience. Some guerilla tactics have been known to go as far as shocking people as a way of achieving the desired effect.

5. Guerilla marketing works

Many aspects of guerilla marketing are fun, which allows a campaign to be successful. As long as proper research is conducted and the campaign is planned properly, businesses and brands are more likely to end up with an enhanced and profitable business. In the process of executing and maintaining a Guerilla marketing campaign, it is also possible for businesses to network with new allies and prospective customers.


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