Instagram is a great and powerful platform that allows businesses to create visual content that is related to a business. Instagram has more than 300 million active users, which is why businesses are increasingly turning to the social media platform as a way of promoting their companies and as a way of reaping the benefits of Instagram for business. The use of visual elements for business is a great way to capture and sustain the audience’s attention. This shift towards the increased use of visual elements continues to allow businesses to leverage the power of Instagram for advanced business growth. Here are the 5 key benefits of using Instagram for business:

1. To increase audience engagement

Depending on the nature and quality of a post, interesting and captivating content can attain a high level of engagement, which is sometimes difficult to achieve with other social media platforms such as Twitter; Instagram content generates 58 times more engagement per user than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter.

2. To build trust and personality

One of the key benefits of Instagram for business is that it helps to build trust among audiences, as well as a personality. Visual images on Instagram help businesses create an emotional connection with audiences, which is instrumental owing to a large number of similar businesses contained within a niche. Instagram provides the perfect platform for brands to share daily experiences of a business in an informal and casual way.

3. To drive traffic

Instagram is a powerful platform for increasing traffic. With higher levels of engagement compared to Facebook and Twitter posts, creating engaging and funny posts can be hugely beneficial for the visibility of small businesses.  The traffic that comes from Instagram photos is super engaged, which increases the chance of bringing customers back for purchases. When people buy from a brand on Instagram, they are likely to see their products on a regular basis, which means repeat business.

4. To boost your marketing efforts

Instagram pictures are by very nature user generated. This means that they have been created by followers themselves as a way of sharing their day to day life experiences. With permission, businesses can use these images for their own promotional efforts.

5. To learn what customers want

Most businesses do not realize it but audience members could already be sharing company photos and talking about a business without a business realizing it. This happens to businesses that have a brick and mortar location such as retail stores and restaurants.  When customers tag their location, their posts can be seen by other people and followers. This is a great way for a business to see what people like about the brand and the services or products on offer.


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