Email marketing is a powerful tool that allows businesses to gain information regarding current and potential new customers to get an enhanced understanding of who they are and what they may require from you in future. When followed up with personalized and relevant content via email or through various social media platforms, a business can grow exponentially. An email database is more than just a collection of names but rather it is a collection of personal information that is exclusive to each consumer. When used correctly, an email database can be more effective than Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Here are the 5 top benefits of creating an email database:

1. For authority

An email database is a permission based asset, which means that every consumer that signs up typically has given a business permission to share content and communicate with them. This not only gives a business authority, but it also allows business to build their audience and target them correctly.

2. Tailored offers

An email database is proactive and allows you to communicate with a qualified audience that is interested in your products or service. This enables a business to tailor their offers by creating messages that appeal more to a specific segment of audience or subscribers.

3. Full ownership

When you create an email data base, you own full control and access to it. Other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can collapse or institute changes in their privacy or user settings, which can hamper your ability to communicate instantly. On the other hand, your email database is not controlled by anyone and is not influenced by decisions made by other businesses.

4. For higher sales and profit

Target audiences who subscribe to email newsletters are interested in some of the offers and benefits on offer, which enables businesses to boost their sales and profits. Despite the popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, the fact remains that there are still consumers who have not signed up to them.  However; almost everyone has an email which expands a business’ reach and audience.

5. To build brand loyalty

Email databases can be one of the best ways for a business to build brand loyalty. Since databases allow you to interact with consumers one on one, it gives you insight into their spending habits, which creates the opportunity to show appreciation by posting discounts and special offers. Actions like these can encourage one time customers to become repeat clients and it builds brand loyalty from existing customers.


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