Graphic design plays a vital role in all aspects of marketing. Whether your efforts are in having a social media presence, making your website more user friendly, re-branding your small business or even good old fashioned gorilla marketing, having professional looking graphics is a must! Our Graphics Department is professionally trained, with education in all areas of design, not just graphics.

We work directly with our clients throughout the entire process to come up with a design that is both pleasing to them and also the potential customer. It’s not enough for design to simply look nice on paper or the computer screen. There needs to be an effective message or a clear set of information told in a manner that is understandable by everyone.

Below we have broken down the different areas of graphic design that are available to you! And if you are interested in something specific that happens to not be included on this page, feel free to email us and we’d be more than happy to help you out any way we can!



Branding is arguably the most important area of graphic design for small businesses. This includes things like having a logo, business cards, custom letter head and custom designed promotional products. And we can help you out with all of these! Whether you are a brand new start-up business or just looking to revamp your pre-existing logo with something fresh, we’ve got you covered! Our graphics department has done numerous logos covering a vast array of companies. We will work directly with you on a design and won’t stop until it’s just the way you like it. Once completed, we can provide you with a copy of the logo in any file type necessary for print and digital media or promotional products. Below you will find a handful of examples of logos we have completed. Contact us HERE for more information or if you are ready to get started with your small business branding!


Digital Media

In today’s ever-growing online world, digital media design can cover a great number of things. Some of the more common examples of digital media that we do include: social media cover photos, website design, custom ads for posting on social media, promotional ads for emailing marketing and infographics.  Virtually all of these services are charged at an hourly rate of $65/hr and depending on the complexity of the project, can usually take 1-2 hours to complete. Below you will find some examples of digital media projects that we have done in the past. And for more information about website design, feel free to visit our Website Design page! Contact us HERE for more information or assistance with a project.


Print Media

Even though having an online presence is extremely important in having a successful small business and vital if you want to compete with surrounding companies, there is still certainly something to be said for good old fashioned print media! Marketing tools such as posters, postcards, flyers, signs, billboards and brochures are still very much effective in creating a strong brand and for marketing your small business. Our graphics department will work directly with the client to create a beautiful and information product that can proudly be posted in the store or around town. And size is no issue. Whether you need a small postcard to send out to potential clients or a 3’x4’ poster to hang in your store front window, we work directly with the printers to get you whatever size you need! Check out some examples below of print media projects we have completed and contact us HERE if you have a specific project in mind or would just like a little more information.


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