Claiming online directory listings is a very important online marketing move for brick-and-mortar businesses. If the business owner does not claim their business listings personally, there is a good chance that someone else will. All it takes is one person with incorrect information and access to the internet to merit a business into trouble.


Online business directory listings are available on a number of different websites including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, Facebook, and Yelp. The business listings often include business addresses, hours, and full contact information. If a business does not have an online directory listing then there is a good chance they will simply not be found by people searching for them online.


Each website has a different process for claiming an online business directory listings, but all have proven to be quite simple. For instance on Google, a business owner would head to “Google My Business” and sign up for an account.

If you are looking for a service to sign up your business for all the relevant business directory listings for you industry, please call us. We can help!

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