According to a study from MIT neuroscientists, people are more likely to remember pictures than text. The study concluded that the human brain has an enormous capacity of remembering thousands of images with incredible clarity. That study cements the reason why you need a good logo for your website design, promotional products, and even social media campaigns.

Your Logo Needs To Be Unique

However, you cannot splash any image and hope it leaves a lasting impression on your customers. Your targeted customers are bombarded with thousands of images every day which means your logo must be unique enough to warrant remembering.

What makes a logo so unique that your targeted audience can’t help but think of it when they see something related to your website? The MIT neuroscience team gives a hint of what makes a memorable logo since it is an image.

What Makes Images Memorable?

The researchers showed a variety of pictures, ranging from indoor scenes to streetscapes to thousands of volunteers. Some of the images were repeatedly shown to the participants who were required to select a picture that they had already viewed. The researchers then cataloged the memory rating of the images according to how many participants correctly remembered seeing it.

After analyzing the data, they found that images that contained people were the most memorable, followed by images with human-scale spaces like mall aisles. People did not remember images that included landscapes though.

Making Your Logo Memorable

What do those findings mean for your next logo design? For starters, you should steer clear of logos that incorporate landscapes. People are more likely to remember logos that personify individuals or actions that people perform. For example, when most people think about laptops, Apple jumps to mind. Going by the results of the MIT research, Apple’s logo of a slightly bit Apple is closely linked to the human action of taking a bite from the Apple. Hence the logo is easy to remember. Domino’s Pizza logo is another example of a memorable logo that is closely associated with human actions-playing dominos.

Now that you know what makes a logo memorable, there is one more thing you need to learn about logos so that you can get the most conversions on your website design, promotional products or social media campaigns.

Logo Placement

In social media management and almost any other aspect of online promotional strategies, the logo placement influences the success of the strategy significantly. Placing the logo in prominently on your website design or promotional product helps build trust with the customer. The customer immediately takes note of the logo and associates the product or service with your business. All this happens within a split second which pre-sells your client even before reading the copy on your website or social media campaign advertisement.


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